Firm Profile


The firm was established in 1981 and is currently composed of attorneys with a broad range of legal,
governmental, and practical experience. Our litigation group deals in a diverse commercial and trial
practice particularly focused on complex litigation, including product liability, arbitration, real estate,
environmental, insurance, estate, trademark, aviation, admiralty, anti-trust, distribution, commercial
and construction law among other areas. Our labor attorneys handle matters in employment,
discrimination, sexual harassment, collective bargaining, wage and hour and administrative law,
before local and federal courts and administrative agencies including the NLRB, UAD, EEOC and
PROSHA. Our corporate attorneys assist our clients in real estate, leasing, banking, corporate and
commercial law matters.

We endeavor to serve our clients in a professional and expeditious manner with personal involvement
of the partners. Each client has a primary contact at the law firm and all are offered first class service
in a cost-effective manner. Our law firm incorporates the latest technology to our practice and client
communication to enhance the quality services that we strive to provide.